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“150 million new Data-AI related jobs will be created in the next two years.”

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Students and professionals of all levels can use Workera to measure their data-AI skills today and develop the necessary skills for tomorrow.
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Test and assess yourself

Measure yourself regularly with Workera’s adaptive skills assessments. Track your progress and inform your personalized learning plan.
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Benchmark yourself against the best-in-class

Drive your personal learning by comparing your data-AI skills against top talent at organizations including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Stanford University. Know where you stand against the best.
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Improve with a progressive learning plan

Unlock your potential with a personalized learning plan that grows with you. Continue to test, assess, and progress as you develop increasingly sophisticated skills. Incorporate your accomplishments into your daily workflow and professional brand.
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Feedback from the Workera community

“I love that I can take technical assessments to learn what skills to improve. Workera not only provided me with personalized feedback based on the assessment results, but also a learning curriculum to reach my target role.”
“Anyone who is interested in AI will find tremendous resources on Workera. Their innovative skills assessment helped me evaluate myself as an ML practitioner. I really wish a platform like this existed when I was beginning my journey in AI but Im grateful it exists now.”
“The quality and breadth of the questions asked on Workera were in a league of its own. Add to that, the option to know where you stand and the credibility of the people behind the platform, and you have a game changer. I got a clear understanding of where I stand in a variety of quintessential fields relevant to the AI field.”

Top questions

Who sees my participation and results?
If you are individually using Workera then you decide whether you want to share your results with others. If your company has sponsored Workera for you then the program administrators at your company determine who can see your participation and results.
Is Workera free?
Yes, Workera offers a free basic solution for individuals looking to achieve their career goals. For organizations seeking to transform their Data-AI capabilities, Workera for Enterprise is the right solution.

Workera AI career pathway report

Companies everywhere are building AI teams, but it’s still unclear what aspiring MLEs should focus on when applying for ML jobs. Our AI career pathways report walks you through the different AI career paths you can take, the tasks you’ll work on, and the skills companies are looking for in each role.
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Students and professionals of all-levels can use Workera to test, assess and progress Data - AI skills today and industry trends of tomorrow.