data-AI skills

Unlock your company’s full potential in data science, machine learning, and other AI
technologies. Ensure data-AI literacy across your entire organization.

Workera has worked with employees at leading companies on their data-AI upskilling needs, including:
“Companies are investing billions to develop in-house talent in AI and other areas; measuring the impact of these investments is critically important.”

Andrew Ng
Dr. Andrew Ng
Workera Chairman
Coursera Co-founder
Stanford University CS Adjunct Professor
Step 1

Test and assess 800+ data-AI skills

Measure skills for your technical and non-technical teams using the most accurate assessment built by academic experts and in collaboration with over 100 top AI companies.
Step 2

Benchmark your team against the best-in-class

Know where your employees stand today. Skill-level and role-level reports empower managers to develop their teams, and to benchmark against the world’s largest AI community representing 1,000+ companies.
Step 3

Upskill and reskill with personalized learning plans for each employee

Apply the best available content (free+paid) to ensure your employees learn the skills they need, in a fraction of the time. Create a culture of continuous learning.
Step 4

Quantify the ROI from your workforce upskilling initiative

Analytics and real-time measurement of skills attainment show at a granular level your team’s before-and-after improvements. Industry benchmarking ensures that your team remains competitive.

Workera solutions for companies

Workera for enterprise
The first step for any workforce upskilling initiative. Understand your employees’ skills utilizing the world’s leading data+AI assessment, deliver tailored learning plans for each employee, and demonstrate ROI.
Workera for recruiting
Use the world’s leading assessment to screen applicants for your data science and AI positions.