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We believe that everyone, regardless of their past, should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Our mission is to bring that opportunity to every individual by uncovering their unique capabilities to contribute to humanity.

Our Culture
We hope you will fit well with our team’s culture:

We’re learners, dreamers, and game-changers. With us, you’ll experience:
  • High-velocity career growth. You will be joining an all-star team of industry experts, world-class technologists from top tech companies, and proven startup operators that have built large, successful businesses. Workera is backed by top-tier venture capital firms and most importantly, we’re solving a massive problem for enterprises and individuals, so your opportunities for growth and impact are unlimited.
  • Diversity. We embrace diversity and invite applications from people from all walks of life. Our team members, like our users, transcend geography, culture, and language; what we share, collectively, is a drive to create a skills-based, more meritocratic world, and a unique ability to execute.
  • A remote-friendly work environment. No matter where you reside, you’re a part of Workera. We ensure that our globally distributed employees can participate fully in our company’s activities and do their best work every day.
  • Lifelong learning. As talented as our team members are, we know that everyone is a constant work-in-progress and that the best is yet to come. We support each other in our curiosity and creativity – which we pursue through thoughtful discussion, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing among a diverse set of peers and colleagues. Did someone ever tell you that world-class mentorship doesn’t exist in startups? Please send them our way!
  • A culture of transparency that we carry through to messaging communication, ensuring that team members have the information they need to make good decisions.
Our Team
We are a globally distributed workforce that works hand-in-hand toward the same vision of helping humanity measurably close the skills gap to achieve its fullest potential.
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Job Openings
Workera is committed to shaping the future of work and education. Just like how we value the possibility of each one’s career regardless of their background, we embrace diversity and creativity. If you are interested in working with us, explore career opportunities here and find out what’s next in your career.