Skills Intelligence

Workera’s Skills Intelligence Platform helps you understand, develop and mobilize
your talent through our configurable skills ontology and AI-powered skill
measurement across data, AI, software, cloud and cyber security.

How it works

Understand: get an objective pulse on your workforce's potential through our configurable skills ontology and AI-powered skill measurement.

Develop: close the individual skill gaps faster through personalised learning paths, mentor matching, and skill updates.

Mobilize: use objective skills data to power your strategic workforce planning; increase internal mobility, and recruit the critical innovation skills needed to stay ahead.

Built by subject-matter experts, developed in
collaboration with over 100 top companies

Benchmark your team against the best-in-class

Know where your employees stand today. Skill-level and role-level reports empower managers to develop their teams, and to benchmark against a community representing 1,000+ companies.

Quantify the ROI from your workforce upskilling initiative

Analytics and real-time measurement of skills attainment show at a granular level your team’s before-and-after improvements. Industry benchmarking ensures that your team remains competitive.
“Companies are investing billions to develop in-house talent in AI and other areas; measuring the impact of these investments is critically important.”

Andrew Ng
Dr. Andrew Ng
Workera Chairman
Coursera Co-founder
Stanford University CS Adjunct Professor